Dance, dance, dance

Este filme é um resultado de uma pesquisa sobre dança nalguns países da Africa Ocidental.
Senegal, Guiné-Bissau, Guiné-conakry e Bijagós.

2016 Festival itinerante LE PLEIN DE SUPER - Portugal - França.

Taama Taama ani N'Fa Douwa

Taama Taama ani N´Fa Douwa (Walking with N´Fa Douwa) is an experimental documentary about a journey in West Africa with an old man, N'Fa Douwa.
His four words draw our steps through his village in the land of the Malinké: "Baah", "Doukolo", "Kibaro", "Kei".
We first see his "River", his "Earth", places where the reference of man to nature is strong. Hard work of women, men and children under the hot blinding sun, steps of dance, music, movement that has no ending, life!
Then we enter in the "Dream" of community, shown to us in joyful celebrations into which we are magically drawn.
Our main lesson: "Heritage." We see an old man being heard attentively. He leads his village in a ritual which prepares the youth for the circle of life.
N´Fa reaches us with a smile. His love to his village and community makes us feel at home - a strange home - but certainly home.

© 2017 Vanessa Fernandes 
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